About Us

We aims to make the process of meeting your visa requirements simpler, faster and affordable. We assist with recognized flight and hotel reservations for the application of a visa when planning international travel. Most embassy encourage travelers against the purchase of full airline tickets or securing accommodation before their visa is approved. This is to minimize your lost in the case if the embassy refuse your application.

Our Mission

We provide acceptable and affordable flight and hotel reservations for visa application purposes. Our aim is to deliver a premium standard of support to assist travelers with flight, hotel and their trip plans requirements. We strive to provide efficient, easy and professional travel solutions our customers can always depend on.


Regardless of where you are from, we take the confusion out of finding a reservation for your visa application needs. We go as far as guaranteeing efficient reservations to ensure a smooth and convenient experience. As many people are under the misconception that an airplane ticket and hotel booking must be secured when applying for a Visa. The truth is that numerous embassies will accept a flight and hotel reservations without the need to provide a full paid ticket or booking accommodation.

Based on our experience and our expertise in the travel industry, we issue a flight or hotel reservation document that is acceptable by a visa consulate or an embassy. Through our booking process and the issuing of the relevant documentation, we can help you avoid the costs and the inconvenience of paying for a full flights and accommodation before your visa is approved. Only once visa approval is received, will you proceed with your new arrangement for a full flight ticket and hotel booking.

If you are in the process of applying for a visa and need a recognized reservation, we are your trusted provider of flight and hotel reservations.